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Coming To You

Just Us

We love to travel, teach and meet new people. If you would like us to come to you for a workshop, weekend or even longer, this is what we ask for:

- We (Natalia & Joshua) teach,

- You organise and populate the event (it can be anything from 1 class to 5 full days),

- We split the revenue 3 ways (you, Natalia, Joshua),

- Our minimum expectation is that we cover our costs (travel & accommodation),

- We are happy to Airbnb it or stay with someone.

There are more details to discuss, but that is our baseline (we are also open to discussing changes to the above).


We really enjoy teaching at festivals. We know that each festival works differently, so message us to talk.


Similar to festivals, we really enjoy teaching at retreats. We know that each retreat works differently, so message us to talk.


Perhaps you have something else in mind, we would love to hear it. So drop us a message.

Here is how to contact us.

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