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Are Soft Feet Important

Here we answer some question relating to soft feet in acro. Are they important? How to develope them?

6 Questions For Your Acro Partner

Here are a few questions you can ask each-other, that can bring you back to that connected feeling you get when doing acro together (or destroy your relationship completely... let's find out).

5 Tips for Basing

There are so many tips that can improve your basing in Acro, they can’t all fit into a single top 5 list. So, here are OUR top 5 tips for bases to focus on (with a couple of bonus tips at the bottom).

5 Tips for Flying

To match our 5 Tips for Basing in AcroYoga, now it is time for the flyers to refine. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Flying in AcroYoga.

Checkpoints in Acro

What are they, why and how do we use them?


The words we use in Acro to communicate, and what they mean.

5 Tips for Terrible Spotting

By following these 5 tips you are sure to be the worst spotter in your community.

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