Private Retreat

For individuals and acro couples. Spend time training, exploring movement
and refining your acro skills over 2 - 14 days.
Lets keep this simple. This is an acro session, sometimes it is a class with a direct focus, sometimes it is an open jam. The point is you get to connect with people, move in ways that challenge you, that feel good, that blow your expectations out of the get to acro!
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Acro is what we do and how we live. These sessions can take place any time of year and we can work out a period that suits your scedule.
We will host you in our home. The address is:
Błażeja 12J/8,
The level and content of the retreat will depend on what you want out of the time. 
How Much
25zł per session.
Extra Info
Bring water and a snack.
Tight yoga or sports clothing is best and remember that you may be going upside down!
All are welcome, and you don't need to bring a partner.
Ballerina Swipes
Hippy Transitions
NoHands NoHands
Delicate Balances
Trio acro
Handstand Play
In & Outs
Flow Polishing
Creative Process
Consent in Acro

Based primarily in Poznań, Poland.

Will travel EVERYWHERE

(after the apocalypse).

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